Michael Fallier Paintings

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Mike Fallier is a very talented painter that can paint anything that a client would like to have. Several of these paintings on this wesbite are for sale. The black and white head shot Doberman one does belong to the dogs owner. All paintings below are for sale. Call Mike Fallier at 316-648-9971 with any questions or to discuss pricing and shipping cost. Thank you for taking the time to review my website. Hopefully you see something you like, all of Michaels works are not listed on this site. Contact Michael for more detailed requests. Thanks again Michael Fallier.  


Orginginal picture  

some paintings already in frames, anything can be framed and shipped any where in the United States.   

 painting of the picture to the left.

Interested? Please   call and speak with Michael about any of these paintings or any paintings that you may want done.

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